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Computer Evidence

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What is Computer Evidence?

Computer Evidence is data from computer systems that is used as evidence. It is used every day in the courts and in almost every type of case.

Why Expert Evidence on Computer Evidence?

Independent expert evidence checks that the evidence from a forensic computer examination:

  • complies with established computer forensic principles
  • uses appropriate computer forensic techniques
  • identifies data relevant to a case and
  • produces exhibits for the court

and helps the court to assess whether the evidence is:

  • original, authentic, accurate and complete
  • corroborated by other computer evidence
  • correctly interpreted
  • certain

What is Expert Determination?

Expert Determination is used where disputes about computer evidence call for a technical review by an independent expert (for example, Software Copyright infringement; Questioned Documents) and a binding determination.

Computer Misuse Act 1990

Links to the definitive index of Computer Misuse Act 1990 case law and case statistics:

Who is Michael J L Turner?

Michael J L Turner has acted as an independent expert witness on computer data used as evidence since 1988 - throughout the rapid development of Best Practice in computer forensics. He now specialises in reviewing historic cases and determining disputes about computer evidence:

Case Review services relevant to both current and historic cases (Appeal, Independent Review, Public Inquiry) include:

  • Preparation of Requests for Information and Disclosure of evidence
  • Verification of the integrity of handling computer evidence
  • Verification of the findings of previous computer forensic investigations
  • Assessment of previous computer forensic investigations in the light of developments in computer forensic Best Practice - accepted, novel or junk science?
  • Validity of retrospective evidence produced using modern forensic techniques
  • Distinguishing between fact, speculation, assumption, inference and expert opinion in the interpretation and evaluation of computer evidence
  • Assessing the Certainty and Reliability of computer evidence






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